Thursday, October 31, 2013

my name Kong

my name spartacus.  it's that time of year when my sisters dress like people from the magic window.  i think i'll go as this dude:

What you think?

p.s. from charlie,


Friday, October 25, 2013


my name spartacus. charlie's name charlie.  he also has a middle name and i don't.  his middle name is No.  my fambly uses his middle name a lot. i mean A LOT.  "charlie no!" in the morning;  "charlie no!" when they get home.  "charlie! no!" before bed time.

i'm not jealous of him having a middle name and me not 'cause they hate his middle name.  they always say it mad and i'm like, if you hate that name so much then why did you give it to him?

maybe they only use it when they're mad at him for being a puppy.

my daddy really hates that name and he's using it right now. gtg.

p.s.  from charlie,

Monday, August 19, 2013

oh brother! or chawlee bit my finga!

my name spartacus.  i got a little brother! his name is Charlie as in - boooooorrrrrriiiing!  but he's not boring like his name.  he's either a lot of fun or really annoying, but he's not boring.  but i can't complain cause i picked him...

after Kitty went to kitty heaven (we hope) i was moping around and things weren't the same. so one day my mommy said, "Why don't we go to the SPCA and look at puppies.  Not to replace Kitty - we can't replace her - but now that she's gone she can't be terrorized by a puppy and we were thinking about adopting anyway and my handsome boy [that's me] is sad."

so we piled into the long car and went to the Special Place for Cool Awesomeness.

this place is like the dogtor's office except you get all the smells without the bad stuff and peepole leave your butt alone.  i met a couple of puppies and this one puppy seemed ok to me.

i had to play it cool though, you know? i wasn't sure what was going on and why i was meeting puppies so i left it at sniffing rears and alpha dogging it up a bit.

then after they took that one puppy away my fambly started talking about which one they wanted! i'm like wait, what?! what's gonna happen to me?! is this a trade up for a newer model?! was i only around to entertain Kitty?!

it turns out we were bringing a puppy home with us in ADDITION to me. whew.

so the big puppy came home with us and my fambly started calling him "Charlie"  and the funny thing is he started answering to Charlie right away.

he was really shy at first, but he acts more like a normal puppy all the time and the best part is that now there's someone else for my daddy to yell at besides me.  and next to him i look like a saint.

he's fun to play with, but i have to yell at him sometimes when he doesn't know when to stop. i got someone to yell at! he's my little brother.

                                                            this is me and Charlie

is that my rawhide?! Charlie!! gtg!!!

p.s. from charlie,

life is good! i gotta pee! can i have that?!

Monday, August 5, 2013

goodbye kitty

my name spartacus.  a few days ago my kitty died.  she was a meanie, but i loved her and i'm gonna miss pestering her.  i'm gonna miss her hiss and the way she batted my nose.  i think she kinda liked the attention, but she had to be cool about it.

her favorite peepole in the whole house was my little big sister, Cookie.  Cookie is the one who brought here outta her shell.  she didn't wanna be bothered, but Cookie bombarded her with love until she came around and stepped out a bit and showed us that she could actually purr.

she was extremely old. like 112 or there a bouts.  she was adopted by mommy even before she married daddy back in the olden days before anybody was born.

thank you Aunt Maria for taking care of us while my fambly was away and thank you for the flowers for kitty.  kitty liked you (as much as she was capably of that emotion).

she also went by other names (mrs. cravats; karisa, etc...), but "kitty" is what stuck. and when someone said, "kitty" to her she would say, "meow" cause she liked her name. goodbye kitty. the house is a little less of a home without you here.

                                          kitty with daddy

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

it's all in the mind (and tummy)

my name spartacus.  a couple of suns ago my fambly was getting all ready to go which they do when they are gonna go somewhere, but this time was different. i could tell they were going somewhere special on accounta my daddy's pants didn't have any holes in them and he wore a fancy leash that hung down the front of his shirt.  My guess was that mommy was taking him on one of his special walks.

so because it was a little different from the norm, i freaked out a little more intensely. i was having a panic attack; i was panting badly and whimpering and hovering around the door nervously and i was desperate to go with and i thought i might hyperventilate and die and that a hamburger my sister left on the coffee table?

okay guys, be careful. have a good time. bye!

Monday, March 25, 2013

instant friends; just add spartacus

my name spartacus; remember me?  i made some friends! this other day than today my daddy took me with him and my biggest big sister to go to his friend's house.  i never been there before so when we pulled up to the house i didn't know what the deal was.

my car rides usually end up at the park or the dogtor, but i don't really think about that when i get in the car.  the way car rides usually work with me is i jump into the car without thinking (my approach to life in general) and then i don't realize we're goin' to the dogtor until we pull up to the dogtor's house.  then i'm like, "oh."

anyway, so we pulled up to this awesome house and my daddy's friend says hello to me and then we went around back and i meet his dog except his dog is two dogs! i didn't know you could do that! can we do that?!

well we were a little cautious at first, but once we "shook hands" (if you know what i mean and i think you do) we had a great time.  we recognized each others scent on accounta our smells are on my daddy when ever he goes there and comes back so we were kinda acquainted already.  now we had a butt to go with the smell.

the big one is Hank and the other big one is Jiggy.

so now i'm friends with my daddy's friend's dogs and my sisters are friends with my daddy's friend's daughters and my daddy is friends with his friend! it's awesome!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

it's a dog's other life.

my name spartacus.  i always forget to tell you about my other life.  all i ever do in this other life is chase stuff and then weird stuff happens to me.  i don't know how i get there and i don't know how i get back, but i know i always switch lives after a good sleep.

sometimes my other life is fun and sometimes it's scary; just like my main life, but i don't spend as much time there and my fambly isn't always there either and sometimes it's crazy there. let me give you an example of my other life.

i'll go to sleep and then i'll wake up in my back yard and there will be a squirrel right in front of me holding my rawhide bone and drinking from the waterbowl chair which my daddy musta put out in the yard for some how.

so i get mad at him for being a squirrel and chase him and bark and stuff and then all of a sudden i notice the yard is gone and we're running down the street and when i catch him it turns out he was just a chew toy and all of a sudden my mommy's van drives past me. so i chase it and bark and stuff.

she stops and opens the door and somehow i'm sitting in the dogtor's office.  then the dogtor turns around and she's a squirrel! she's holding a giant needle and comes at me. i turn to run and see my cat there laughing at me. so i run back home, but i can't see nothing on accounta it's dark all of a sudden. so i stop to look around and when i do, i hear a car pull up behind me and then i hear a car door open and close...

then my eyes open which is weird cause i thought they were already open. i guess i fell asleep again without noticing (that happens to me a lot) cause when i wake up i'm back in the other life and my daddy's opening the front door and i'm so excited to be back i go more crazy than usual.

that other life is crazy and fun and all, but it's exhausting.  i like this side where i can eat and blog and chill out.